Episode 12: Lunacy

Kasper Hesselbjerg
Nov 23–Jan 05

Soft and Easy Pleasure (Ear Salad)   Mussels, pea sprouts, frisée lettuce, pumpkinseed oil, lemon, vinegar, porcelain

Soft and Easy Pleasure (Ear Salad)
Mussels, pea sprouts, frisée lettuce, pumpkinseed oil, lemon, vinegar, porcelain

Inspired by the Carnival before Lent, the aunt that lacks respect for what the rest of the family think is important, and objects allowing for unlikely modes of behaviour, Kasper Hesselbjerg has produced a new body of work including edible sculptures to be ordered at the bar.

So, what is it actually? Well, presented in words the exhibition could sound something like this: a leaf of cabbage as a hat, salad in a porcelain ear, a sausage, the sound of you chewing broccoli, and a marzipanned toe in broad moon light.


Kasper Hesselbjerg lives and works in Copenhagen, and holds an MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2013).

His practice has been occupied with the fluid or blurred boundaries between reality and fiction, sensation and imagination.

For several years, Hesselbjerg has been working with sculptures, collage, and language in the pursuit of questions on the meaning of objects, and how these meanings might affect our everyday lives. In this pursuit, food has served as an example of an object which has to be encountered through the senses and through thought to be fully grasped.

His latest published books are Cornflakes og andre specifikke objekter [Cornflakes and other Specific Objects], which poses a sculptural theory on food using catastrophe theory, Salatfeber [Salad fever] and Østersdage [Oyster Days], both of which are meditations on the role of imagination in the experience of objects.
With Absalon Kirkeby, Hesselbjerg is also the founder and editor of the publishing house emancipa(t/ss)ionsfrugten. 

06 Luncay Lamp (2)-web.jpg

Lunacy Lamp
Paper, wood, light bulb

07 Big Toe-web.jpg

Big Toe

Marzipan, plaster, foam

03 Sausage Abundance-web.jpg

Sausage Abundance

Meat of bison, chicken, common wood

pigeon, crocodile, duck, fallow deer,

goat, goose, guinea fowl, hare,

kangaroo, lamb, ox, partridge,

pheasant, pork, poussin, rabbit, red

deer, roe deer, sika deer, turkey, wild

boar and zebra, pepper, oxen sausage

casing, wooden stand

04 Irreverence-web.jpg

Framed photograph
80 x 110 cm

this exhibition has been supported by Københavns Billedkunstudvalg

Rococo Productions