Episode 00: The Sunshine


The first series of exhibitions at Peryton takes as its name The Sunshine. Everybody loves the sunshine.
The series pairs sound and vision in the glow of artificial daylight – works are staged on a set of aluminium frames, the room is lit by a freestanding afternoon window (a lightbox with a curtain).
Contributors (artists, curators, writers) are invited to pair an object with a sound: an artwork is paired with a soundtrack, a field recording is paired with a performance, two works with their own sound play off each other. 
As the home to Oberon, a publication built around rhyme and association, Peryton is an exercise in locating the processes and strategies of the publication in an exhibition program, in a physical space, within a city and its sets of communities.
Specifically, The Sunshine takes as its premise a sort of surrealist theatricality, where we can maybe pretend for a second to be in a frozen moment, at the edge of the day, as the sun cusps the horizon. 

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The series has been supported by the Danish Arts Foundation

Rococo Productions