We usually have about 8 wines by-the-glass. We find this is enough to satisfy the "decision tree" – but – we do have more by the bottle and a bunch we can open up if we're going on a journey. 

Our bottle shop stocks wines from Rosforth & Rosforth. We have between 15 and 20 options. This is a shop for those in the neighbourhood – for those going up to Kongens Have, for those who need a gift for the in-laws, or because, dammit, drinking wine from Netto just won't cut it, you only get a few nights alone and the Bruce Willis movie you're Netflix-ing, and the mountain of pasta you've made, needs sparkling Lambrusco, we keep it at 16°C, coz we fucking get it mate.

This is the menu as of May 05 2018:

Peryton IVS-Menu-2018-05.png

Allergen / kontakt os for information om indhold af allergene ingredienser i vores mad ~ Allergies + Intolerances / before ordering please contact us regarding your requirements.

Prices may differ, depending on produce and availability.