Peryton is a wine bar and exhibition space in central Copenhagen, from the makers of the art magazine, Oberon. 

Our wine list is a short selection that will change every month, or thereabouts. It is paired with a similarly short menu suited to lunch (coffee and lunch plates), a light dinner (with charcuterie/aperitivo plates and salads), or a late supper (toasted sandwiches and small desserts).

Like the wine, the menu will change with the seasons, with more substantial dinner options in the cooler months. 

We hold events, such as exhibition openings, magazine launches, talks, performances and screenings. To stay up-to-date you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram or you can subscribe to our newsletter here

Peryton opens with a series of exhibitions called The Sunshine

Hours Wednesday+Thursday, 15:00–22:00 / Friday+Saturday, 13:00–24:00
Location Dronningens Tværgade 52, 1302 København K Denmark

Phone +45 28 78 54 22

Reservations We take reservations, via email, for tables of 6 or more.